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Contemporary Oasis

A Poolside Kitchen Like No Other

A Gourmet's Dream Outdoors: Contemporary Oasis

The Contemporary Oasis is a culinary marvel in the realm of outdoor living, crafted with meticulous attention by Boston Pergolas. This poolside pergola is more than just a shade provider; it's a fully-equipped outdoor kitchen complete with a BBQ, pizza oven, and on-tap beer system. The motorized louvered roof ensures comfort in all weather conditions, creating an ideal environment for both cooking enthusiasts and casual entertainers. This space is a seamless blend of luxury and functionality, making it a perfect spot for hosting memorable gatherings.

Architectural Harmony and Comfort

Beyond its culinary allure, the Contemporary Oasis excels in providing comfort and style. Infrared heaters and a charming wood fireplace ensure warmth and ambiance, complemented by sleek modern ceiling fans and subtle LED lighting. The thoughtful design includes two islands, fostering intimate seating arrangements and social interaction. Architecturally, the pergola integrates flawlessly with the surrounding elements, including the poolside outbuilding and chimney, showcasing Boston Pergolas' expertise in creating harmonious and luxurious outdoor spaces.

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