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Umbria North End

Experience the epitome of sophistication and innovation at Umbria North End and Mia Roofdeck, two culinary landmarks redefining Boston's dining scene. Our pièce de résistance? A groundbreaking, world-class pergola design that elevates the dining experience to unparalleled heights. Immerse yourself in an ambiance like never before with fully customizable RGB lighting, a colossal 24-foot-wide opening canopy, and cutting-edge built-in heating and cooling systems.

The Hampton

Step into the epitome of luxury outdoor living with "The Hampton," a breathtaking pergola project meticulously crafted by our expert team at Boston Pergolas. Nestled beside a sun-kissed pool and seamlessly attached to a pristine garage, The Hampton stands as a testament to elegance and functionality. The pristine white structure exudes sophistication, complemented by motorized louvers that gracefully dance with the sunlight. As the day transitions to night, bask in the warm glow of integrated LED lighting, while infrared heating ensures year-round comfort. Matte black ceiling fans add a touch of contemporary charm, creating a space where style meets unparalleled functionality.

Pinnacle Lounge

Indulge in the sleek and modern allure of the "Pinnacle Lounge," a standalone all-black pergola masterpiece from Boston Pergolas. Positioned beside a sparkling pool in a private backyard oasis, this avant-garde structure redefines outdoor luxury. The Pinnacle Lounge captivates with its bold aesthetic, boasting a motorized louvered roof that gracefully adapts to your desires. Built-in LED lighting casts a chic ambiance, while strategically placed ceiling fans ensure a cool, comfortable retreat. Two slatted walls provide an intimate cocoon, offering both privacy and a touch of architectural finesse.

Contemporary Oasis

Discover the epitome of al fresco opulence with "Contemporary Oasis," a masterful creation by Boston Pergolas that seamlessly integrates luxury and functionality. This poolside pergola transcends conventional outdoor living, boasting a wood fireplace and a full-scale outdoor kitchen. Immerse yourself in culinary delight with a BBQ, pizza oven, and on-tap beer, all under the shade of a motorized louvered roof. The inviting warmth extends beyond the wood fireplace, thanks to infrared heating, while the ambiance is perfected by built-in LED lighting and sleek modern ceiling fans. Two thoughtfully placed islands create a cozy seating area, encouraging intimate gatherings by the fireside. The design ingeniously incorporates the fireplace chimney and a poolside outbuilding, ensuring a harmonious blend of architectural elements.

Gordon Ramsay

Gordon Ramsay Burger

Elevate the culinary experience at "Gordon Ramsay Burger," the iconic rooftop pergola exclusively designed for Chef Gordon Ramsay's renowned restaurant. This grand-scale masterpiece by Boston Pergolas transforms dining into an art form, featuring a motorized louvered roof that harmonizes with the rhythm of the city. Immerse diners in the perfect ambiance with built-in LED lighting, infrared heating, and a symphony of sound from strategically placed speakers. Enhancing the sensory delight, TVs seamlessly attached to the pergola offer entertainment, ensuring an unforgettable rooftop dining experience. As the roofdeck pergola opens up to a vast rooftop dining area overlooking downtown Boston, it becomes a focal point where culinary excellence meets panoramic views.